Nvidia Control Panel missing post windows 10 upgrade.


Hello All,

Has anyone faced a problem regarding Windows 10 feature update updating nvidia driver. I am currently upgrading client machines from 1909 to 20h2 and can see feature update 20h2 is updating nvidia graphics driver when machine is restarted.

The machine gets upgraded to 20h2 OS but it shows nvidia control panel is missing.

When clicking on nvidia control panel icon nothing happens.

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    I did found the solution and it is recommended from MS to install Nvidia driver application again post windows upgrade.
    This is a known bug and MS agreed with this solution.

  1. Ankit Shukla please correct the heading of the question

  2. Hi Ankit,

    I haven’t experienced this issue so far, can see community members earlier also reported for it.

    Are you getting this issue in all upgraded 20h2 system?

    Had you tried to do the manual updation for drivers to latest version and checked the behaviour!


      I have seen this behavior on Dell precision 5550 model, post windows 10 upgrade nvidia control panel is missing.Can it be due to Windows store app as nvidia control panel is now available on Microsoft Store.

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