Obtain a list of devices displaying if a particular service is running or not




I would like to obtain a list of devices displaying if a particular service is running or not. At present sccm inventory classes are the defaults. Can this be done or will I need to enable another category?


Also, within the Services class, what is the difference between State and Status. Status is enabled for collection, State is not.


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    First you can understand that SCCM is just a deployment tool not real time monitoring tool.

    Incase of any service monitoring along with remediation. i would recommend to use SCOM or any other monitoring tool.

    To answer your query – Even if you enabled service class in hardware inventory that will capture only at the time of hardware inventory cycle (default 7 days once).

    You can use SCCM baseline approach to validate the service and remediation if the service is non compliant then baseline compliance should evaluate on daily basis.

    CMpivot also another option in SCCM but it use WMI query to fetch the information on remote machine. If Winrm or Wmi repository is restricted from access remote machine then it doesn’t work.



    The easiest way to CMPivot to get this.

    I don’t see any default options to get the services running here

    It’s not SCCM work instead of it should be part SCOM’s work

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