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Changing the Office 365 update channel through Configuration base will work? as Microsoft blog says it has to be done through Office Deployment Tool or GPO.

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  1. I think Sharad explained it well

    How to Change Office 365 Update Channel with SCCM Run Script –

    Have you already tried that?


      I went through the SCCM Run Script it updates the value of CDNBaseUrl

      However in our environment Test machines will be frequently changing the channel hence we want it to do it through Configuration baseline, so that machine itself can get compliant.

      We have created the baseline and it also updates the value of CDNBaseUrl, I would like to know if Office update will consider it?

      • Basically you are using the same logic in scripts as well as in CI… isn’t it? If the script is working then your method also should also work.

        I will let you test and let us know.

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