Office 365 updates through SCCM


Whats all policies needs to be enabled in GPO to get Office 365 updates through SCCM

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    We want to Enable Office 365 clients to receive updates from Configuration Manager.

    We have enabled the GPO “Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Microsoft Office 2016 (Machine)\Updates”

    Also in Client settings we selected Enable management of the Office 365 Client Agent as yes

    When we deploy the updates it shows as compliant in deployment status, however the updates does not get triggered on the system.

    We have deployed Semi-Annual 1908 11929.20708 Latest build, the system is still on Semi-Annual 1908 11929.20648

  1. I think it’s better to avoid Group Policies for Office 365 updates. And instead, you can use SCCM policies to manage updates.

    Can you please let us know which configuration you want to control via group policy for Office 365

    The following are some options which you can do easily from SCCM…

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