Office Pro Plus 365 Deployment with Different language packs


Hi Everyone, Hope all are doing good!! I have a query regarding O365 ProPlus, application has had multiple deployment types for each language that I support. As of today, I have 19 DTs in that one application. Its becoming hassle to keeping those source files up to date; 19 different source folders with 40GB of content. So just wanted to check if we can automate this process so that we can reduce the size as well as it will be easy to update. If anybody can suggest it will be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    Are there any bandwidth limitations?
    If not then why don’t you get the content downloaded directly from CDN? and implement to auto update the O365 via click to run.

    This will reduce size of each source folder in MB’s and reduce the load on manageability.


      Thanks for the reply Ankit.
      We have done this thing for the package where only english language is used but for other languages it is still a challenge.

  1. My recommendation is to create separate package of each languages

    That makes our life easy as sccm admin

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