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Hello Guys,

I want to know if SCCM client captures the Operating System License Activation status through Inventory or any other means and if yes, then is there any SQL query available to fetch the report of the same through SCCM database. I believe out of the box there is no such report available.

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    I think the best way is to look at the license reports the default ones available. I have listed all the available reports with the 2010 version of ConfigMgr.


    I think you can try to edit (make a duplicate copy) these default reports and try to include customization


      Hi Anoop,

      Thanks for responding to my question. I want to inform you that I have SCCM 1910 version installed on our Stand alone primary site and I am aware that support for same version is nearing end. Also at present the Asset Intelligence Synchronisation Role is not installed on server. Suppose if I installs the same role on my primary site then will those all reports mentioned in the article will be available on SCCM 1910 primary server as well ?

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