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Is anyone using  onevinn osd background solutions? i am trying to implement it. i have everything working but the time. https://ccmexec.com/2016/10/configuration-manager-osdbackground/

the start time is listed as :  2020-06-26 19:44:25z  and i am thinking because it has the z in there its causing problems. i dont know where that z i coming from but figured i would see if anyone knows.

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    Have not used this this tool but it looks promising.If you go through the pdf provided for the same it says that the start time it is taking from your management point so check that.
    Also it mentions the date and time format cross check that also.Check all the prereq in the pdf for start time mentioned.

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      Ankit I went through the pdf but couldn’t figure out why. I did have two scripts that pull the time one from the local machine and it think that is the one that is pulling in the Z because when I enable the start time I get an error that the date is null. So I think it’s actually using the time from my original script and not the new one. I have to investigate that.


        yup found the issue someone posted in the comments must have missed that one that i had to modify the script to display the date correctly. now it is working.

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