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Can someone share the guidelines or the procedure documents to perform OSD for work from users where the client image can be deployed upon purchase of baremetal machine

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  1. FYI – Bottom line, OS deployment for Internet based clients with SCCM is not supported and will not work. You can deploy Task Sequences without OS but that’s as far as you can go.

  2. Hello Karthik – I am also aware with only options which is Offline Media based on your requirements, which all suggested.

    Please let us know where you getting any Challenges with this approach, Accordingly we able to provide inputs!

  3. I know offline media will be a sure option but is there a way to perform OSD zero touch installation via sccm for internet clients

    • I’m not aware of any apart from offline … Windows Autopilot is the way to go with White glove …. but that is not very easy to implement in this scenario.

      Bare metal ..unfortunately … I don’t think so

  4. Offline media discussions will help you here.

    Full offline media installation is the one thing you can try

    SCCM OSD Remote Offices Offline Scenario

    Otherwise you might need to try Windows Autopilot

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