Past Due – will be Retried in Application Deployment , No Maintenance Window is Defined.


Past due – will be retried.
Why does this happen for application deployment? I checked deployment available time and the deadline is set to “as soon as available”.
No maintenance window is defined.
Any ideas?

Posted by Naveen Kumar in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Joe Clough

    Naveen Kumar, I’ve heard from Microsoft when I logged a support ticket with them once that SCCM pushes out updates despite if the end target operating system needs it or not.

    It’s the operating system itself that checks if it needs installing or not,
    it might already be compliant and not need that update… There’s a script Microsoft used to check this.


    Replied by Joe Clough

    Client policy maintenance windows maybe?
    If you check the software center and open the bottom Tab it’ll say default maintenance windows… Might not be this. I have been after an answer for this for far too long

    Replied by Naveen Kumar

    Joe Clough well in my case I was deploying edge chromium.
    It had a prerequisite of windows update. These 3 machines didn’t have windows update hence it went past due – will be retried.
    So it isn’t only maintenance window, deadline, etc. It could also depend on the error code of the installer.

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