Patch Management – Work From Home situation – Failed to get management URL with error 0x80070002


In the current situation, most of our organization employees are working from home with corporate owned desktops, as we deployed software updates for current month, it seems most of the clients are unable to communicate with cloud management gateway as expected, in LocationServices.log we are getting “Failed to get management URL with error 0x80070002” while doing the scan request, these client machines are failed to scan wsus location. Kindly provide any suggesstion regarding the same, Thanks in advance!

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    Hello Balaji,

    Kindly update the current status if everything is in place.


      Hi Deepak,
      Sorry for delay in response! Still we are unable to find the cause of issue, but it getting solved by deleting registry.pol file , then restarting WUA service and also forcing GPO, Kindly help us to identify the cause and proper solution

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    Is CMG working as expected ? Did you check your connection points and CMG services.

    Running CMG connection analyse may give some clue if everything is correct.

    Are you able to reach manually URL from internet connected machine ?


      Yes, CMG connection points and Connection analyzsers are working fine, I think it was related to WSUS location scan, getting “Failed to Add Update Source for WUAgent of type (2) and id ({18303BAB-D479-4B81-A545-1ECF897A2A41}). Error = 0x80004005.” this in wuahandler.log

      Do we need to do any change in WUA source location in AD GPO?

      Currently site system version was in 1902, clients are also upgraded with same client version.


        If I understand correctly, you should get the Software update content from Software update services from Internet …

        You need to adjust the policies accordingly

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