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There is a KB article 4485272 and it is a farm update . After i ran the full scan it will never sync to sccm . It will show up in  WSUS. I TRIED TO RUN A FULL SCAN BUT IT WONT WORKED .

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  1. Hi,

    KB4484272 is related to Sharepoint 2016. Make sure that sharepoint product classification is enabled from SUP side before initiate SUP sync.


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  2. Yes they are available for 2013

  3. There is no product classification for share point separately . This comes under office suite

  4. I have checked product and classification and also wsyncmgr.log they are all clear , no error message.

  5. Here we go: 4484272, sorry for the typo

  6. Hello – First of all I can’t find the KB 4485272… are you sure this is correct KB article?

    I could find in the catalog itself

    Also, make sure you check the log file like WSUSSynMgr.log to get more details which are updates got synced etc…

    Worth checking products and clarifications you have selected

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