Patches installation not completed in few client systems


In our collection there are 5000 client systems. Out of which patches are not installed in 100 systems with different issues. Few of them have Failed status and few of them have unknown status and remaining have In Progress status. All the patches are in Required mode only.

Why we get these issues and how to resolve them.

Please provide me suggestions.

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  1. Any update or are you able to fix the issue?



    Few reasons for unknown status:
    1. Machines are not connected with office network after deployment created.
    2. Machines are offline
    3. sccm agent corrupted
    4. SCCM policy not received or applied on client machines

    To force the policy on client – Use SCCM client notification method – using that method you can trigger the machine policy on those machines.

    Failed machines again sccm will try to install again on same machines with based on software update deployment cycle schedule.


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      Thank you. So what about InProgress machines.
      We deployed patches on 22nd May. When we took report on 23rd, we found that for few machines are showing as inprogress. After 3 days, we checked again but still they are showing as inprogress. So what could be the reason and how to resolve this issue

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