Patches not installed client system



I have Deployed 2 months patches one collection some system installed patches few system not installed

Client status good

Network communication is good

Client healthy

1-Still not received any Policys and distributed containt

2-Few systems getting policy’s not not initiated download


Give me best troubleshooting steps and resolve cases on this error







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  1. Did you able to find solution?

  2. SSU update is included in the updates ?

    Have you checked locationservices.log to understand whether the client is able to locate correct WSUS server or not ?

    WUAHandler.log is the next log to check and understand the more details

    Windowsupdate log might have more details as well …

    Best answer

      Software Updates Group

      Everything perfect but few of system not getting,Policy’s and not update any log file Patching related vole logs

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