Hi All, We pushed Feb monthly patches as usual but surprisingly we did noticed that the patches are getting stuck at 0% download in software center on all the machines. This is the first time we are facing the issue. Can you guys please help as we are in middle of patching. Troubleshooting steps: 1) Verified the boundaries, boundary groups and they have assigned dp’s 2) All dp’s are up 3) Content is available on all dp’s 4) Removed the content and re distributed to all dp’s once again 5) Verified all dp settings and they are same without any intact 6) Verified the cert on IIS–> Bindings, the cert is good and is not expired. 7) All services are up and green in System Status.

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  1. verify if the cert is sccm issued. Error 0x80096004. This error translates to The signature of the certificate cannot be verified.

    Can you make sure the MP is working OK?

    Are you using HTTPS communication (as per the logs you are not)

    Can you see any specific errors in MPControl.log or IIS logs?

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    is it happening for software update or application/package deployment also?

    try to configure the boundaries with IP ranges and try it


      Hi Kannan,

      we did check with application and we can confirm that the issue is happening both for applications and updates.

      I did re configured boundary groups with Ip ranges, but still same issue.


    First thing, check to make sure Delta files is set to No in Client Settings.

    When was the last time you performed a proper maintenance of your WSUS and SUSDB database in ConfigMgr? Do that and see if it helps.



      1. I can see there DP’s in location service log and no errors in it and also delta files is set to NO in client settings.

      2. I can see below errors in content download manager log:

      CTM job {C60F7892-4C84-4658-8073-AFC74D167AC8} switched to location ‘$/40383c20-a6a1-4f3c-926f-14eb18bb245a’ ContentTransferManager 2/15/2021 12:31:16 PM 4872 (0x1308)
      CTM encountered error processing reply from DTS. Code 0x80096004 ContentTransferManager 2/15/2021 12:31:16 PM 6764 (0x1A6C)

      3. In data transfer log, am seeing the below error:

      Failed to verify if the cert is sccm issued. Error 0x80096004

      • Is this happening with all the clients?

        Have you tried to uninstall or reinstall or repair the client to get appropriate certificates?

        Also as Kannan mentioned, check the boundary groups if many clients are having the same issue

  2. Locationservices.log and updatesdeployment.log are the best place to start troubleshooting this issue

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