If i have machines in maintenance window.

Could you confirm whether endpoint needs maintenance window for downloading updates ?


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  1. Hi Anoop, can we say that maintenance window is only to avoid reboots during the deployment of softwares?

  2. Thank You very much Anoop and Harjit. I am clear now.

  3. You do not need maintenance window for downloading the patches. In fact, MW should only be configured for specific use cases such as server collections which cannot be interrupted or rebooted during business hours but can receive patches and perform reboots overnight. It’s a bad practice to set MWs on device collections…… in my opinion.

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  4. Some key point about Maintenance Windows

    – The maximum duration of a window has to be less than 24 hours
    – Maintenance windows affect only the time when the deployment program runs
    – Applications configured to download and run locally can download content outside of the window

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