We have a bunch of patch collections with a 3 hour maintenance window. What is the best way to monitor all the servers in those collections to make sure the servers are patching during that time and to catch any failure. I know sccm can’t live monitor but wondering if anyone has any recommendations on the best way to do a live monitor report or something

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    You could also try with CMPivot … it can give real time data. Since these clients are servers and always accessible, you may define some query to check the Patch Installation status and keep running couple of times during maintenance window. May be this method would help for your requirement.


    I would suggest you use the new Orchestration group feature for that. It will give you the insight on the sequence of servers patched or the percentages.

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    I think the PowerShell script option is the best way to get the details in real-time from the servers using the fast channel.

    I think the orchestration group also uses a similar kind of logic for server patching …isn’t it?

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