Patching server in Azure


We got request to patch VM in azure

They have joined VM with our on-premise AD and I can see servers in sccm console.

We use HTTP communication in all DP.

Please confirm whether we need CDP & CMG for patching these servers are we can patch this normally with our existing setup.

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    Thank You Anoop. I got all information needed.
    We can close this loop.

  1. Please let us know if you have further questions


    Thank you..
    For client to DP – Do we need both 80 and 443 opened. Else only 443 is fine.

  2. In that case, all your Azure servers are Domain joined?

    You can use either SCCM to patch Azure server if the client is installed on Azure servers and there is a network connection between Azure servers and SCCM servers (Express Route)


      1. To which sccm server express route should be established ( cas/primary/ all sccm servers)

      2. Can we use client push to install client for azure vm after express route established.


    I am sorry we use PKI method currently

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