I have endpoints added to maintenance window.

The updates are downloaded to endpoint after the maintenance window.

I can see the ccmcache loaded with updates.

But we have disabled the deployment before next maintenance window comes up.

Will the endpoint install the patches after disable the deployment ?

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    We changed ADR offset value and forgot to adjust deployment date which caused this issue. Later we adjusted it.


    We have daily maintenance window
    Since we started deployment after wednesday maintenance window
    It downloaded the updates but do not have wednesday maintenance window to install.


    Hi Harjit,

    I am clear now. Thanks.

    My scenario was
    Maintenance windows got over
    updates downloaded after that
    We disabled deployment for load balancing
    Patches not installed


    If you disable the deployment, then nothing is going to happen.

    Here’s a better approach for you:

    1. Let’s say you want the patches to start installing tomorrow at 9PM because that’s when the maintenance window is set as an example.
    2. Deploy the software updates and make them available at an earlier time. For example available today at 3PM or even tomorrow at 10AM, whatever.
    3. Make your mandatory installation time the same as your available time or As soon As Possible. Don’t worry, the updates will not start installing because you have a maintenance window configured on the collections you deployed to. What this will do is start to download the update to the local cache and then will be ready to install the moment the maintenance window starts.

    Currently, your computers are “downloading” the updates at the start of the maintenance window instead of “installing” during the maintenance window. If the downloads take longer than the time scheduled for the maintenance window, nothing is going to happen and you’ll end up in the situation you are in now.


    Many Thanks for your response…


    Once you disable the deployments the disable policies will update to endpoints then ConfigMgr client will not take any action for patches installation which you have disable.


    Patches wont install on endpoint once you disable the deployments but if the testers is pending for reboot with any of other updates it will reboot during the maintenance window as per your deployment settings

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      So even though it’s downloaded after disable deployment it will not install updates.

      Could you please help me with backend process to understand why updates are not installing after downloaded during next maintenance window.

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