Policy Issue from onprem Management Point when we map CMG on boundary group


Hello Together ,

Recently we facedĀ  a strange conflict when we map CMG in specific boundary group for content download and select option forĀ  prefer download over cloud resources option.


1.The default MP shows CMG in control panel . So policy Download / application download via software center is getting delayed …

Control panel – Config Mgr Client – Assigned Mgmt Point:

2. But when we remove CMG from boundary group .policy from onprem MP getting successful

So checking , as like CDP whether we can map CMG to boundary group or not ..when we add then policy issue on client side for that site.

The requirement will get fullfil for both scenario when in internet it get default CMG location and when in Onprem/ VPN it should also take from CMG and fallback to local DP incase ..


Thank you !!


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  1. Have you already checked locationservices.log to get more details about this behavior ….paste some relevant snippet of the log file here….

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