Pre-Production Client upgrade is not working


Hello All,

We have SCCM CB1902 installed in our environment which is recently upgraded from 1810. We have performed a pre-production client roll-out a month back but looks like all the clients are fall into non-compliant category which means it’s not getting upgraded. Can you please tell me what could be the possible reasons?

I checked below,

  1. Client is active and healthy in the console.
  2. Clients not Received the upgrade commandline



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  1. Hello Bala – Please can you explain bit more what do you mean by “clients are fall into non-compliant category” ?

    You mean to say the clients are not getting policies for pre prod updrades configured something similar to the one shown in the below blog post (BEFORE one) (Hierarchy Settings from the ribbon menu – Click on Client Upgrade tab)

    – Hope the collection is configured correctly
    – Check the client logs to understand whether it’s getting policies
    – Check whether MP is working properly etc

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