Prevent SCCM Apps appearing in Intune Company Portal


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I was wondering how everyone is managing SCCM Software Center with intune Company Portal.

Our environment is mixed mode some new clients are now intune cloud, but we want the SCCM client to be able to manage patches, so client settings we have created a new client setting to exclude applications from showing. this resolves the confusion users were seeing with Software Center vs Company Portal so they now go to the “Company Portal” to install applications.

However it seems the SCCM applications which are listed as Available to all users or groups of users are now also beginning to appear in the Company Portal, which we do not want.  Apart from Removing apps which are marked as “available” is there any other workaround?  Knowing that some users are still on prem and using sccm. What the best way to manage? the migration of clients is months long process globally.




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  1. Good one ! Have you able to fix this with the exclusion group in Intune?


    Hi Anoop correct that is the only way I can see to do this is to create a exclusion group for my intune clients and prevent deploying anything as available forward to “All users” this is the only way I can prevent apps from bleeding into the intune store

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  2. Did you get any resolution for this issue?

    I’m not sure whether I have any idea about preventing this to happen apart from creating some exclusion logic in the collections.

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