Problem with Software Center about Clients that are Upgraded to the New Client Version

Hi All,
Last week we’ve upgraded Configuration Manager to 2111. Everything went fine till now. As you know it takes some time before clients start upgrading.
Clients that are upgraded to the new client version have problems with Software Center. A lot of applications are missing. When you look into [email protected] it says:
“GetApplicationsAsync: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority ‘our_mp_server’. Unable to fetch user categories, unknown communication problem”
So, clients have no problem. Then the client upgrade gets installed and this problem comes up. Any ideas?
I’ve also seen this problem described in this article, but there hasn’t been a follow-up with a solution
Posted by Robert Kloek in HTMD FB Group

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    Replied by Robert Kloek Author

    This problem has been resolved with Microsoft. But it is a workaround. We had to uncheck ‘Clients check the revocation list for site systems”.
    The engineer couldn’t tell us why we had to do this after the latest update but for now, it works.

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