Pull DP is not installing.


Hi Team,

We have configured PullDP on a server.

For troubleshooting purpose i have removed the Pull DP entry  and re added the same to Distribution point in SCCM console.

Pulldpinstall.log says: Product: ConfigMgr Distribution Point — Removal completed successfully.

smsdpprov.log says: It successfully uninstalled the DP.

with msiexec /x {productcode}.

I am unable to understand why the DP is not adding back.

PullDP.log does not exists on DP where we made it as PULL DP.



Satish Thota


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  1. Pls check the following

    hman.log @ Primary Sever
    DistMgr.log @ Primary Sever

    PullDP install Log is available?


    More details ConfigMgr Pull DP Details Log Files | SCCM – https://www.anoopcnair.com/configmgr-pull-dp-details-and-log-files-sccm/

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