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Couple of “Application” deployments got deleted in our environment. I would like to know if there are any logs or message ID’s that will show the purpose (available or required) for the deleted deployments.

I have tried checking the message ID’s 30226 & 30228. It says the time of creation and deletion and accounts used to create and delete the deployments. The purpose (available or required) is not mentioned in these. Even the audit logs for the specified user doesn’t have the information that I’m looking for. Please help me to identify the purpose of the deleted deployments..

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I have not seen available/required details in the audit messages. It’s not the purpose of audit messages in sccm.


      Thanks for looking into this, Anoop..

      Using the audit messages, we were able to get the time of deployment creation. Is there any logs we can refer on site server that will have the purpose (available or required) of the deployment? Assuming that there will be logs that records the purpose whenever a deployment gets created.

      • Hello, NewUser 1408 – The date and time of the creation and deletion are important for audit messages. I don’t think the configuration options of deployment are not very relevant for audit messages.

      • I did a quick check on this, Don’t think any relevant logs that contains the information of deleted application deployment type!

        Mostly as Anoop mentioned all having details in Audit status Message.


          Thanks Anoop and Jitesh for looking into this. This is the background on why I’m investigating.

          One of the apps with “uninstall supersedence setting” is made “available” to a “device” collection.

          Few of the devices have started uninstalling superseded application automatically and didn’t trigger the newer version install. Automatically supersede setting was not checked as well.

          So, I was trying to collect evidences that its an available deployment and not a required one.

          If we don’t have logs that records the deployment purpose, we can probably close this question.

          Thanks again and Appreciate your time and effort.

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