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Client push ports

SMB between site server & client – tcp 445

RPC endpoint mapper b/w site server & client – TCP &UDP 135

I could see it’s mentioned as between site server and client – in this scenario port needs to be opened from client or site server.


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  1. I agree…
    But in our environment we are using client push and need to open client push ports for new client which is in azure.
    Please help on RPC dynamic part.

  2. I missed client push part of the question… in production I don’t recommend using client push …

  3. For client push – RPC dynamic is required or not – between client and site server

  4. For RPC dynamic – I have them ranges (49152 – 65535) – BI DIRECTIONAL – as per Blog.
    Is this wrong ?

    I do understand that RPC is required from site server to client alone ?
    Am I right ?

  5. RPC dynamic is not normally required between client and site system servers (DP. MP. SUP)…

    it’s either 80, 443, 8530 or 8531 https://www.anoopcnair.com/sccm-cb-firewall-ports-communication-details-and-download-the-spreadsheet/

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