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Question 1 : In System center Endpoint protection Status , some clients are showing endpoint protection agent not yet installed.

But recent upgraded machine don’t required SCEP client separately right ?’

When i checked the machine , its is showing as Endpoint protection deployment state as unmanaged

Question 2 : How to fix the issue Antimalware policy application failed

error : failed to open the local group policy

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    Make sure you have the following selected in your SCCM SCUP, for product categories:

    System Center Endpoint Protection
    Windows Defender


    Q1 – Yes check out this configuration for Win10 you don’t need to separate client but you can check

    Q2 –

    To fix the error there are a few steps needed:
    -Browse to the Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine folder on the client and delete the file: Registry.pol
    -Then restart the “SMS Agent Host” service to enforce ConfigMgr download all policies again. Sometimes this is not enough and re-installation of the ConfigMgr client is needed.

    as per

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