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Good Day All, I had strange issue with August patches, after patches got installed I am not getting pending reboot notification, after restarting ccmexe service I am getting balloon notification, I haven’t changed any client settings for last one year

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  1. No responce on this thread …hence closing the thread.

  2. Not helping much means? What is that you can see in the reboot coordinator log

    Anything else in event viewer application logs?

  3. Hello – I’m trying to understand what is that you are trying to solve here… you already got a solution if I’m not wrong isn’t it?

    After restarting SCCM client service ..the policy working as expected

    Is this only for one client or many other clients are having similar issues?

    RebootCoordinator.log might have some clue?

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      Hello anoop
      Thanks for quick turnaround, the issue is widespread across all pilot devices almost 300 devices, users are not getting pending reboot notification prompt, once I restart the ccmexe service within no time I see the reboot popup, rebootcordinator log not helping much

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