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Hi Anoop ,

Query is regarding your article : SCCM Preferred Management Points

We have this setting enabled but now we are planning to change management point of multiple boundary groups ( Reason : Planning to remove secondary site which is acting as MP and ask client to communicate to primary site server MP )

Now the requirement is customer want a exact time machine took to get the change of MP . So is there any way we can track the MP change from registry ? for each client it will be impossible to analyze the logs.

Ketan Kamble

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    Hi Ketan,

    Did you tried to add MP Affinity registry on machines to change MP for client machines you can do it manually or SCCM baseline?

    Best answer

    It’s very difficult to give the exact time that the client will take to get the change of MP. It really depends on the changes in the client.

    Many changes at the client-side can trigger the location services change …Content location requests are sent every time an SCCM client needs content, etc…

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