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I am a SCCM newbie. I deployed application as required push enterprise wide and deleted the application from sccm console the wrong way. I now have the application visible in software center although it has been deleted in SCCM. How to remove the entry of application in software center. Could please help me out.

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    In Addition, if you created a new collection for this application deployment, then perhaps remove the members from that collection. Nevertheless the next policy update will update the status. You can also right click on collection, select client notification and select “download machine policy” that will initiate the policy polling right away.

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    To remove the entry as you say in Software Center, you need to delete the deployment currently to the collection(s). Then run Machine policy and Application policy on the systems and once completed, that application will disappear.


    Hi mohan,
    After targeting to enterprise wide collection as required push. Deleted the application from sccm console without retiring the application within 5 mins.
    Application appears in software center of the client machines and able to install.
    What can be done to remove the entry of the application from software center?


    Hi Aravind,

    Wrong way means how you deleted, did you removed package in SCCM Console ?

    When did you removed?
    Did you run machine policies on client ?

    If yes wait some time to update deleted policies it will remove automatically.

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