Removing distribute content from distribution point


I can not removing a package / application distribute entry over the Configuration Manger Console or powershell command or WMI.
The entry is listed in the properties of the package or application tab “Content” on the package but the “Remove” option in the tab content doesn’t work.
The counter of the Content status not included this dp.
MonitoringOverviewDistribution StatusContent Status%package% not listed this distribution point (all other dp’s are ready)
The sql table “ContentDistributionNotification” has not entry from this dp package.

I hope you can help me and I can clear this issue on my sites (CAS with Primary sites).

BR Peter

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  1. Do you mean the SQL queries on the following post didn’t help you as well?
    This helped many times to Remove the distribute content from a distribution point…

    Please try all these SQL queries in the SCCM test environment first…

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