Replication Link failure between Primary & Secondary Site servers


Replication Link failure between Primary & Secondary Site Server

Hi ,

My infra consists of 1 Primary & 1 Secondary Site servers .

I have upgraded my Primary Site from 1902 to 1910 a month back.

But 2 days back, I have started upgrading my Secondary site server and the up-gradation got failed.

Now the replication link between Primary & Secondary site got failed and in console under “Site Hierarchy” I can see only my Primary Site whereas Secondary Site is not visible/available there.

Under “Database Replication” tab, I can see that “Link has failed” error between primary & secondary site.

I have executed “Exec spDiagDRS” on both primary & secondary site DB instances and found that replication is happening from secondary to primary but not from primary to secondary.

No changes were made from the network end.

Now I need some solution for this issue rather than re-building my entire Secondary site server as it it’s not the final option.

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    I agree with Guru. If you are running two versions of ConfigMgr servers, then it might create an issue with DB replication.

    Check the post from Deepak to fix the issue


    The question seems to be bit confusing one

    I dont think it is recommended to run mixed environment like primary on 1910 and secondary on 1902.

    When you upgraded your primary a month back to 1910, secondary server also would have updated automatically as part of the upgrade process.

    Why secondary site is getting upgraded now after a month ?


    1. Why didnt you upgraded secondary site when you upgraded the primary any specific reason for delaying it?
    2. Run the Prerequisite checker on secondary site.

    Navigate to the folder: SMSSETUP\bin\x64.

    and use the command line

    prereqchk.exe /SEC /INSTALLSQLEXPRESS /Ssbport 4022 /Sqlport 1433

    3. Check for the ConfigMgrSetup log on secondary site.
    4. Below is the article by MS :

    After a secondary site’s parent primary site updates, update the secondary site from within the Configuration Manager console. To do so, you use the Upgrade Secondary Site Wizard.

    In the Configuration Manager console, go to the Administration workspace, expand Site Configuration, and select the Sites node. Select the secondary site you want to update, and then choose Upgrade in the ribbon.

    Select Yes to start the update of the secondary site.

    To monitor the update installation on a secondary site, select the secondary site, and choose Show Install Status in the ribbon. Also add the Version column to the Sites node so that you can view the version of each secondary site.

    In some instances, the status in the console doesn’t refresh or suggests the update has failed. After a secondary site successfully updates, use the Retry installation option. This option doesn’t reinstall the update for a secondary site that successfully installed the update, but forces the console to update the status.

    4. Go through below two wonderful articles by Umair Khan to troubleshoot the Replication Issue:

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