Report of all values of a hkcu registry key


Hello Team,

I am wondering if there is a method to generate a report on a collection of machines, where it get me the value of a certain registry key (but under the hkcu).
my challenge is that all data and reports are run under the context of the system account, so I cannot find a method to gather these info under the user account context.

any help will be much appreciated.

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    unfortunately, it gets me a blank page result
    I think it also runs under the system account context so it will not grab the required info.


    Hello – Have you tried configuration items to have this details ?

    How to Create #SCCM Configuration Items Configuration Baselines | #ConfigMgr #MEMPowered #MEMCM


      hi Anoop,
      thanks for your reply, but the configuration item will check the compliance of a certain value.
      what I need to get a report of all values of a certain Registry Key on all pcs,
      something like
      PC1 Value1
      PC2 Value2
      PC3 Value3
      I do not think configuration items can show this kind of info


        I think you will need to collect additional inventory in that scenario. I have never tried the additional hardware inventory for HKCU …

        Have you already tried the following method to create custom hardware inventory?

        You need to build MOF files to have this registry information populated in the SCCM hardware inventory


          hi Anoop,
          this tool “regkettomof” is only working with HKLM,
          actually the challenge here is the HKCU,
          as you know all processes are done under the system account context while this specific process should be done under the user account context.
          this is our main challenge grabbing data as user not as system account.

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