Require how to do guide for IBCM Server Configuration & Installation.


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Basically I have to create new SCCM environment with One Primary Server and couple of secondary servers to manage on-premises clients. Also I have requirement to create IBCM server to manage Internet based clients. However I am looking for any step by step guide available on the community for IBCM Configuration, Installation including CA server & PKI certificates configuration. Please let me know, if anybody has any detailed guide available.

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  1. Have you checked the step by step details available in the Microsoft Docs. Do you have sever side and client side PKI certificates ready? and those certificates are deployed to Clients and servers?

    I would suggest to go with CMG instead of IBCM … More details here

    You have great videos from Justin on this IBCM topics

    Reviewing Internet-Based Client Management Prerequisites –
    Requesting the IIS Certificate on the Internet-Facing Site System –
    Changing WSUS to require SSL –
    Installing the Software Update Point –
    Installing the Management Point and Distribution Point –
    Verify Client Gets New IBCM MP –
    Verify Content Gets Distributed To IBCM DP –
    Checking the MPLIST and MPCERT on the Internet-Facing Management Point –
    Client Testing on the Internet –

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