Required SQL or WQL queries to pull deleted deployment report

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    Is there any way to pull the deployment report which is already deleted??? In last month one application is deployed, after deadline reached, customer want to stop deployed application,it was installed in some systems already

Now. Need to pull the machines which are having deployed application

Can you please suggest me if any way to pull SCCM console or SQL trough or WQL or CM pivot ??


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    When you delete a deployment the data for that deployment is deleted as well. Microsoft seems to think that when you delete the deployment you no longer want that data. I believe this might be possible if you have data warehouse roll installed but this is no a default setup.

    Best option you have is to redeploy that app. (If not already replaced with something else). The machines will report their last status for that app’s deployment.

    The machines will show success for the ones that have installed. The ones that need the app will install. It’s not going to re-run an application on machines that already have installed.

    What it sounds like you want is to know what machines have x software. You started a deployment and stoped and have no idea if the software is installed or by which PCs.

    Use the Monitoring>Query node to find this out.

    Best answer

    Everything related to audit can be found here. Explained very briefly by Anoop Nair.

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