Scccm Installed Status Shows Error


Search Results For Hi Team, I Have Deployed One Of Customer Requested Software Through SCCM Using Package Its Installing In Target System Successfully. But In Scccm Installed Status Shows Error

Execution is complete for program UAT. The exit code is 2, the execution status is FailureNonRetry execmgr

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    Looks like related to MSI , you may have to get this checked.

    Also if you are application model, one possibility just to check and make sure hard code exit code 2 as success and see.

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    Scccm Installed Status Shows Error –

    the application gets installed on a device without any issue when you install it manually.

    Have you used application model or package model in SCCM to deploy application?

    If the application model make sure that your MSI code is correctly entered in the detection logic otherwise, SCCM will install the app on Windows device but in SCCM report it will show as failed or something else

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