SCCM 1902 and VMware Workspace Co-management Issue?


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We need your help about VMware Workspace UEM and SCCM co-management issue. After deploying SCCM 1902 patch to clients, now we don’t have patch management control on our Windows clients because of VMware MDM conflict. What should we do to re-enable patch management over SCCM? We’ve already deployed SCCM 1902 Client upgrade over 1000+ clients.

We don’t want to give patch management role to VMware Workspace.
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    Declaimer – I don’t have experience in co-management scenario with VMWare. I don’t know whether it’s co-management or co-existence.

    How do you control co-management policies from VMware workspace and SCCM?

    Have you enabled something like MDM policies can overtake group policies in VMware workspace? If so, this might create problems.

    Basically, you need to ensure that SCCM software update policies and group policies are intact and not overwritten by VMware workspace

    Which version of Windows you are in?

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