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Hello All,

I have just upgraded the SCCM from 1910 to 2002 and facing a strange issue in console update.

‘A required component of the console is out or sync’ is the error message displayed in SCCM console. I have given several tries but in vain to resolve.

Can someone please guide.

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  1. Thank You all for the responses so far.

    All the above advises have been followed already but issue yet remains somehow.

    We are checking further on this and will update once the issue gets resolved.

    Thanks again …

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    • Unfortunately not from my side.

      I’m sure we are missing something from the above points.

      Other chances are very less.

      I recommend opening a case with Microsoft support.

      Let’s close this thread then …

      Let us know once you have resolution

      probably that might help the community

  2. You need to make sure that the source folder of the console installer contains two CAB files. and the amd64 variant.

    You can also try to install and old version of console, run it as admin and upgrade it.

  3. Hi,

    Event log seems to be error in MSIinstaller setup. Please restart the SCCM Site server and DB server one time and start the SCCM Console setup installation again using admin prevliage account.


  4. Blocked means – As I mentioned in the first reply some of the SCCM components are getting reinstalled and it’s blocking another MSI installation.

    You can get to know about this from Task Manager

  5. No return code value as 3. But just tried to install the console on a different machine and it worked. Believe some issues specific on the server now blocking the msi to run..

    Also, the configmgr admin setup ui.log gives exit code 1625 indicating the msi getting blocked or so. But wondering what’s the reason.

    Also, tried to rename the Installer/msi DWORD registry value as 0 but in vain.


  6. Have you rebooted the server? I have occasionally encountered a console upgrade issue but a reboot fixes it. Most of the time it’s because the console was open elsewhere.

  7. Can you share the log file and snapshot

  8. Pls share the log file snippet and event log entries to understand the issue

  9. Hello Anoop,

    Thank You for the response. Already checked the related guidelines which you provided above.

    Please suggest what else can we do to resolve now.


  10. Have you checked the logs admin console log?

    Have you checked console is open by any other user?

    Have you tried to restart the server and try again …if the other MSI installation is going on, then console installation might fail

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