SCCM 2002 SSU Update fails to install


Hi All. It was mentioned that SSU would be installed first with SCCM 2002 in place. But the SSU update keeps failing in all servers. And it needs to be re initiated from Software center. Whereas, Cumulative update gets installed automatically. Is there anything that can be done? Or any configuration changes?

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  1. Yes that means there could be a bug. I think this bug is fixed in the slow ring.

    Are you in the slow ring and have you installed all the available hotfixes?


    Is this for windows 7 devices ? What is the reason it’s mentioned the logs related to failure

    I wouldn’t expect a older SSU to install when a newer one is installed.
    Which SSU is in discussion here ?


      No, it is for Windows 2016 and Windows 2012 servers. Also, it is about June month’s SSU.
      When we check logs, it shows as only cumulative update is required first, and it gets installed and server gets rebooted. Once the server is up online, it runs scan again, and finds that SSU is also required. Tries to install later.

      But, the point is both the updates are shown as required in software center once the deployment is created.

      Ultimately, SCCM 2002 feature of automatically detecting and installing SSU before cumulative update is not working.



        Hope your SCCM server is upgraded with SCCM 2002 version. But you need to ensure the client version also upgraded with latest agent then only it works properly.


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