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I have just upgraded sccm 2002.

So I want to know the prerequisites for upgrading it to sccm 2005 and also if it supports sccm 2002 clients.




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    Thanks For the reply!

    Actually we need endpoint analytics as it says it is supported in sccm 2002, but we don’t find any option available in the sccm console. So we wanted to upgrade to 2005.

    But here the challenge is client upgrade, so we need to know if sccm 2005 supports sccm 2002 clients.


    As Jitesh has mentioned, ConfigMgr 2005 is a Technical Preview and not to be used in production. Furthermore, any upgrades from any version of ConfigMgr will let you know if you meet the prerequisites or not when you do the upgrades within the console.


    Hello, SCCM Technical Preview 2005 Is not for production use, you can upgrade and test the features in your lab environments.

    + Prerequisites –

    Important Note From Microsoft – The Configuration Manager technical preview branch for lab use is distinct from the Configuration Manager current branch for production use.

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      Note – That above shared prerequisites is for test the latest feature for Tenant attach: ConfigMgr client details in the admin center.

      New versions will available as in-console updates each month. You can use the Administration > Overview > Updates and Servicing to run prerequisite check , install Configuration Manager TP 2005.

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