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Suddenly, I am seeing two distribution roles on a Single server. One with C drive and other one with D drive. Any reason to have this. Pls help.Capture - HTMD Forum - Welcome to the world of Device Management! This is community build by Device Management Admins for Device Management Admins❤️ Ask your questions!! We are here to help you! - SCCM 2006 - DP issues

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    FYI..I have connected the DP using content library explorer and that particular package showing as pending on that re-added DP server


    We have removed the DP role and re-added it. Now, I am see few packages nearly to 35 packages are failed to validate the packages on that re-added DP. Tried to re-distributed and also validate the package but no luck. Verified package lib with the package ID and could find the pkg.ini file. Pls help

    • Can you check the following

      distmgr.log Package Application distribution process

      PkgXferMgr.log Records the actions of the SMS_Executive component that is responsible for sending content from an SCCM primary site to a remote DP.


        Under this log : PkgXferMgr.log, seeing many error messages with “CFileLibrary::GetFileSize failed; 0x80070003”

        • CFileLibrary::GetFileSize failed; 0x80070003 Error could be because of many reasons

          You can try
          1. Remove the package from DP
          2. Add the package back to DP
          3. If not successful, try to exclude DP content from antivirus scanning
          4. Check the event logs to find more clues another errors related to issue

  1. It’s not two distribution points rather it’s DP is using two drives to store the content.
    I don’t recommend using C drive as a DP content store at all.

    You can check the post here to know more about NO_SMS_ON_DRIVE.SMS

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