SCCM Agent doesn’t report to management point after few hours back install sccm agent.


Hi Friends

I installed sccm agent though push method to target system. the green icon came means it is reporting to management point and sccm agent is healthy. but after few hours it shown there is not agent on the system and agent status is showing “NO”.

Although I had disabled the antivirus on the system, I reviewed the ccmsetup log file, it was clearly shown the agent has successfully installed but it does not the uninstalled or what happening with agent and why it is not reporting to the sccm server CB 2002. All the system having same nature it is not being reported to the sccm server after few hours.

Please suggest me how to resolve the issue.


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    Hi Anoop
    Thanks for advice, The issue was duplicate GUID record so did the below steps to resolve the issue.
    • Open the command prompt with admin privilege.
    • net stop CCMEXEC (Manually to go the services console and stop the SMS agent service.)
    • del C:\Windows\SMSCFG.INI
    • certutil -delstore SMS SMS
    • net start CCMEXEC (Manually to go the services console and start the SMS agent service.)
    • Wait 30 min to the check the status of the sccm agent.


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    Hi Anoop
    Thanks for reply.
    I will check and get back to you.

  1. Check the application event logs to confirm whether someother process removed the sccm services or not

    Also check SMS Agent Host is running or not

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