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Hello All,

We are migrating from Ivanti Management suite to SCCM. We have set up a test lab where one of our test VM is failing to download the source with error “The software change returned error code 0x87D00607(-2016410105)”.

My boundary groups are intact and when checked the LocationServices.log it stated “There are no certificates available to install”.

Kindly Help.

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    Thank you for the information Karthikeyan. The issue is resolved.



    Your question is straight forward. You have created a POC for SCCM implementation and tried to deploy an application on one of the machine. But the machine deployment is not successfully completed. it’s failed with error code as “-2016410105”. Correct me if my understanding is correct.

    Reason for this error : -2016410105 (Content not found)

    possible reasons:

    *Check boundary and boundary group.
    * Check deployment content is distributed to respective dp or not.
    * check the client is assigned with correct boundary and boundary gorup
    * check client is healthy.
    * check bits


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