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Hello everybody. I’m looking for a SCCM SQL query with which I can read the status 10005 of an application or a task sequence (application preferred). The query must contain the installation time and the machine name. Unfortunately I don’t know in which tables I should look for the status and whether applications output this or whether I need absolutely a task sequence. The application should distribute a VB script over several computers and then execute it on the computer.

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    If you want to get information on basis of status messages I suggest to create state message query.

    You can use below query and change the attribute value to your deploymentID.

    from SMS_StatusMessage
    left join SMS_StatMsgInsStrings on SMS_StatMsgInsStrings.RecordID = SMS_StatusMessage.RecordID
    left join SMS_StatMsgAttributes on SMS_StatMsgAttributes.RecordID = SMS_StatusMessage.RecordID
    where SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeID = 401 and SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeValue = “1002000B” and SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeTime >= ##PRM:SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeTime##
    order by SMS_StatMsgAttributes.AttributeTime DESC

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