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I have one very peculiar requirement. The organization is implementing one tool which will repair the SCCM Agent.

The requirement from the vendor is to fetch the SCCM Agent binaries over internet. On-Prem URL’s are not supported by their task. What are the possible ways to do this? I mean how can we host the SCCM Binaries over internet?

Just one highlight that we have CMG and i can only think of getting it done via CMG but not sure how. Kindly suggest.


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  1. A stupid answer

    Can you copy the Client binaries to Onedrive and share them with the vendor rather than over-complicating the things?

    There is no security issue here because there is no organizational data in the client binaries

    Or am I missing something

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      Hey No, No Sir. It’s not stupid answer. Best Answer. I didn’t think about it and overlooked it.

      Experience Matters

      I just tested this suggestion and i am good. Thanks a lot for the prompt response and the suggestion which doesn’t required the involvement from any other team to hold me back from fulfilling this requirement.

      You rock.

      I just tested it and it worked. Moved this solution to production.

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