sccm client able to view in console occasionally


Hi Team,

I able to observe this issue for 6 servers.

Config Manager Client not displayed in Console.

But Patching will happen. When ever I want to see the status of the server I need to run Discovery Data Collection Cycle manually.

After few mints i am able to view the entry in console.

I am able to understand the root cause of this issue.

My Environment just a Primary site with 14 DP’s and 2 MP’s.

Thanks for your help in Advance.


Satish Thota.


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    Thanks Anoop.
    This is fixed now.
    The servers created by Vm ware team and the SCCM Certificate is pointing to base VM template.
    By following the below steps issue got fixed.
    1) Stop the smsagent service 
    2)  Rename/Delete c:\windows\SMSCFG.INI
    3) Delete the SCCM certs at a command prompt run: certutil –delstore SMS SMS
    4) Start the service

    Thanks for your help.

  1. Something is triggering the deletion from the server-side which is why the record is coming back when you initiate client action.

    Also, you assume that there is no problem with the client because you are able to deploy patches to that server.

    You need to check the primary server and client logs to understand the issue.

    Do you see any particular frequency of these removals?

    Also worth checking the following
    – Client is working fine or not? ConfigMgr applet from control panel
    – Application Event logs at the server-side
    – SMSProv.log to understand some action is triggered from the console (highly unlikely)

    Best answer

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