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Hello Experts,

in my SCCM environment, client check failed on multiple machines. I checked ccmeval.log and I found the below error
“Failed to start the service ‘WinDefend’, hr=80004005”. Please help to get this resolved


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    I think I found the solution, “Periodic Scanning” option under windows defer is turn off I turned it on manually and the Client health check passed. I am now working with the Security team to get this enabled on all machines. Thank you for all your suggestions.

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    We have Cisco AMP for Endpoints Connector installed along with Windows defender.

    • It’s worth checking the event logs to understand what is happening with these security products while running the client eval task.

      Exclusion for ConfigMgr is in place?

  1. Failed to start the service ‘WinDefend’, hr=80004005

    Have you configured any antivirus software apart from WIndows Defender on those devices?

    I think this is causing the issue.

    Try to exclude SCCM processes from antivirus and check whether that helps or not.


      Yes, I agree here with Anoop’s suggestion. I have similar instance wherein Symantec is locking diskdrv system file which Defender is unable to access and service fails to start. Reinstalling Symantec helped.

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