SCCM client check result Failed, Remediation field is blank and old Software Scan


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This is my first post in HTMD forum. This question might asked by someone else, but I couldn’t find. Please route me, if it’s already there in forum.

We have 100+ system that have been problem with SCCM client check result Failed, Remediation field is blank and old Software Scan issue. I have followed every other solutions to remediate it.
1.WMI repair
2. Rerun ccmeval task from task scheduler.

3. Client reinstallation from Configuration Manager and local.

4. Rerun the client actions.

Interestly, client is able to install application from Software Center, Windows updates. Hardware, Policy request, heartbeat is good.

Please share your thoughts.


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  1. Welcome to HTMD Forum 🙂

    Yes, client health issues are a bit tricky always !!

    We need to have a proper process to keep all the clients (NOT all? 🙂 ) as healthy!

    I have written a post about highlighting the continuous processes you might need to follow to improve the SCCM client health scores…

    Let me know whether this is helpful or not


      Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your knowledge Anoop. That was my first article to follow the instructions to remediate. But I didn’t get any luck.

      • Then you need to continue troubleshooting
        Where are you stuck now ?

        Did you design any process for client remediation using collections ?

        Have you checked the log files to understand where is the issue ?

        Event logs might also help

        Make sure anti virus software is excluded from the client health related tasks

        And any group policy blocking those kind of stuff


          Group Policies are not blocking, Anti Virus Software is fine. Yes, I have a process for client remediation WMI fix, checking ccmsetup, ccmeval, event viewer logs. and then uninstall and reinstall the client. none of them didn’t give us expected results.
          Finally, found out the clients are frequently connecting wrong MP. We opened a case with Microsoft.

          Thank you very much for your valuable time and efforts.

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