SCCM client Doesn’t have any Site assignment


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We are having issue with the client installation on few servers of 2012 R2 version. Upon checking ccmsetup.log it’s shows the client exit with error code 0 means the installation is successful but client doesn’t have all the tabs in it and also it doesn’t have any site code assigned to it .

Did anyone face this kind of issue in their experience and what could be the possible cause behind this ??

Hope someone experience might help me fix it.

Thanking in advance.


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Arvind Dubey 12 months 2020-07-07T19:45:42+05:30 6 Answers 110 views Beginner 0

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    Check you boundary settings and have them configured correctly. It should be fine.


    I think this could be a problem with boundary groups or overlapping boundaries if you are sure that the client got registered.

    You can check clientIDManager.log

    Boundary overlap

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      Respected Anoop,

      Thanks a tons again for your guidance and instructions !! would sure to implement this and would get back to you with the result.



      Dear Anoop,

      Just wanted to give you an update on the current thread that the issue is resolved after recreating the boundary and also involving network team to check for the configuration of any recent changes.

      We have recreated the boundary group and also there were some recent changes in the network that was the reason behind it.

      So in the joint troubleshooting the issue with SCCM and networking issue is resolved.

      Again thanks for the help and hope to have your amazing expertise and skiils with me going ahead like a mentor.

      Thanks for the help Anoop.


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