SCCM client fails CcmSetup failed with error code 0x8007000d


I get the below error when installing SCCM client

CcmSetup failed with error code 0x8007000d

Exit Code for Command = 6

can anyone suggest, I don’t have luck on exit code 6 it says invalid handle, what it means and any troubleshooting step to fix it

ccmsetup.exe /source:C:XXXXXXX /noservice SMSSITECODE=XXX CCMHTTPPORT=0000 SMSCACHESIZE=0000 FSP=FSPserverName SMSSLP=SLPserverName SMSMP=MPserverName

if FSP is wrong will client install fail ?

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    What you can do is try to follow the post

    And other thing which you can do is try to remove FSP parameter and try the command

    There is NO SLP parameter required and MP also … I would use the following

    1. ccmsetup.exe /source:C:XXXXXXX /noservice SMSSITECODE=XXX

    I have more examples in the above post… let me know that works or not… why no service? is this because you are planning to create a Sysprep image of this machine? I don’t think that is good idea ….

    This is the best practice which you can follow

    And also try

    Best answer

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