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i am seeing an issue on a few of our servers in our DMZ. some server the agent installs fine on. i am on sccm 2006 if i reinstall the client on a 2016 server all is well, but for a 2008r2 server the agent wont upgrade and i am seeing this error:  sccm - HTMD Forum - Welcome to the world of Device Management! This is community build by Device Management Admins for Device Management Admins❤️ Ask your questions!! We are here to help you! - SCCM Client install

any suggestions on how to get the client upgraded? i tried to uninstall the client and reinstall the latest the same issue occurs. i even tried the older agents and i see the same issue now.

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  1. I can’t see that Windows server 2008 is supported as SCCM client. So there could be problems like this. This could be mainly because of some prerequisite components are missing. But in your scenario the error is related to certificates.. I hop you are using HTTPS /PKI certs…check whether the certs are in place or not.

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